The Cdl school is very good and you can learn everything about Cdl. Thank you cdl school.

Kasim Demirer

I would like to thank TruckTrailerpro CDL School, the environment and teachers were very good, they always took care of the students. In short, it really is a 5 star school, I came, read it and was sure. I recommend it to everyone. I took the exam in exactly 3 weeks and passed in one go. I wish everyone success and good luck.

Islomjon Karimov

I had waited for this school to be established to get my CDL. I came to school from Boston and in a very short time I was fully ready for the tests and passed my tests successfully. The experience and friendships I had here were unmatched. Administrative officers are primarily Can, and Ufuk, Rabia, Stacey; Instructors Felicia, Ben, Kim, Amber, Dave, Will, Russ and Benny thank you all so much. You are an amazing team and I wish you continued success.

Eren Karatas

It is a great truck training school, the inspectors work very well and they train students in a great way, each inspector has at least 20 years of truck training experience, they provide excellent training, they all work great, they take care of each student one by one, they are all excellent people and not only the inspectors but also the office officials. They deal with each student individually, including students and if you have any problems they make an effort to solve your problems. If you want to get a really good education and spend your time in a quality way this is definitely the only address, you should come here with peace of mind. I would like to thank all the instructors and staff one by one. I'm glad to have you... 👍🏻 👍🏻👍🏻TruckTrailerCDL pro school 💯💯💯

Musa Bingol

If you want to get a truck driver's license, you should definitely choose this school. You can get your driver's license in about 3 weeks. They help a lot with payments and accommodation. They have enough trucks and trainers. In this way, you can finish school very quickly and in a beneficial way. You don't want to leave the school at the end of the 3rd week because it has an advantage that you cannot find in another school. Since most of the students are Turkish, you make very good friendships. I made great friendships with many people from different states of America. And these are friendships that will last a lifetime. First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Can and Ufuk for creating such a beautiful environment in a place like America. I would like to thank Ms. Rabia, who tried to solve every problem of ours, and the other colleagues in the office, as well as all the teachers who were with us in the field at all times, and I wish them continued success.

Bilal Sincar

My wife and I came to this school from Colorado. After 3 weeks of training, we both successfully passed the exams and received our license. We received quality education from highly experienced teachers. We thank all of them for their efforts.

Caner Memis

They have excellent teachers and very good facilities. A school that strives not just to pass the exam, but to teach how to drive a truck. I definitely recommend it.They have excellent teachers and very good facilities. A school that strives not just to pass the exam, but to teach how to drive a truck. I definitely recommend it.

Samed Emre

Best school ever, definitely worth coming got my CDL easily with the help of these incredible instructors. I want to thank Rabia for her amazing support and dedicated work !

Ov Lenz

Truck Trailer Pro family and its valuable employees are an excellent team. Thank you for everything. Very good training and all employees are very caring. I wish you continued success.

Erhan Aksoy

I think everyone, including office workers, should have this experience. Many thanks to the teachers and everyone who contributed

Ibrahim Unal

The best school, Driver that I’ve been through the guys were professional, polite, and very helpful. I didn’t have the money in my pocket but they just believe me and they just had me go love them if you just get a chance to come to this bloody school you better don’t think twice just come right away and you would be happy for the rest of your life.

Hassan Kazmi

It was great experience, they are so friendly and also educations was great thanks for all

Emre Cetin

Great place to learn also the cheapest

Jeremy Brown

Ben is a great instructor. Kept me engaged & had great energy. Definitely made the learning process smooth & easy to retain .

Danaya Washington

I am happy with this school, in three weeks I already had my CDL in hand, I went to study without knowing English and learned everything in English in just two weeks. INSTRUCTORS treat non-English-speaking students very well, everyone gets along with each other, choose this school, don’t regret it.

Farruh 799

I recommend this CDL school to everyone, in my opinion, this is the fastest school in America to get a CDL. study only lizh three weeks. It hasn't even been three weeks. I received the CDL after 18 days. Administrative workers are, first of all, Can and Ufuk, Rabia, Stacy; The instructors Felicia, Ben, Kim, Amber, Dave, Will, Russ and Benny are very grateful to all of you. You are an amazing team and I wish you continued success.

Yunus Azizov

This is the best school to get CDL. There are a lot of trucks and you can practice as much as you want. The instructors are friendly and very professional. I got the cdl in 3 weeks.

Araz Ismayilli

I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for the incredible experience I had at Truck Trailer Pro school. The journey to obtaining my commercial driver's license was truly transformative, and it wouldn't have been possible without the dedication, guidance, and support of your exceptional team of teachers and staff.First and foremost, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Kim, Ben, Felicia, Will, and Ross. These extraordinary teachers went above and beyond to ensure that I received top-notch training. Their expertise and commitment to excellence were evident every step of the way. From classroom instruction to hands-on training, their patience, knowledge, and ability to effectively convey complex information made the learning process smooth and enjoyable.I also want to express my gratitude to Rabia, the administrative staff member who assisted me throughout the enrollment process. Rabia's patience, efficiency, and willingness to address any concerns or challenges I faced made the administrative process seamlessI would like to acknowledge Ufuk, the listening hero who diligently solves problems behind the scenes. Your attentive ear and problem-solving abilities have been invaluable, and I am grateful for your unwavering support. Thank you, Ufuk, for being there for us every step of the way.However, there is one person who deserves a special mention—Can Harmansah. Can's dedication and tireless efforts in mentoring me were truly remarkable. His passion for helping and his ability to inspire and motivate his students set him apart. He not only provided me with the necessary skills to become a competent commercial driver but also helped me how to be successful in my life . Can's guidance and mentorship made a significant impact on my journey, and I am forever grateful. ( Adamsın Can Harmansah )Overall, my experience at your CDL school has been exceptional, and I am proud to have been a part of it. The quality of instruction, the supportive learning environment, and the sense of camaraderie among students created an atmosphere that fostered growth and success.Thank you once again to all the teachers, staff, and especially to Can Harmansah for helping me achieve my goal of obtaining a commercial driver's license. I highly recommend your school to anyone seeking a comprehensive and rewarding CDL training program. With heartfelt appreciation, Yavuz Akbas

Yunus Akbas

I am a student right now. I am from Ukraine. I love school instructors and school. Very good teachers. I am sure with such excellent educational program in this school I have good chance to get my A CDL. Thank you so much!

Robert Gumenyuk

I got my cdl today. I was not sure about the industry. I always wanted to be a truck driver. Many schools did not accept me because of my working schedule. These guys helped me a lot. Instructor Felicia and Kim helped me always. I passed the exam at the first time. These guys even helped me with finding a job. Next week I’m starting my job. Definitely worthed. As a customer I was satisfied. Price wise it was really good. All the other schools were around 7k . Here I only paid 4920 . Thank you again.

Taner Kurt

Great instructors and customer service! They really care about your future and career, I highly recommend!

Irene Muriuki

Hi, this is Yilmaz. I would like to share my experience with Truck Trailer Pro CDL School. First of all I am a teacher and had no experience with a big vehicle before starting the school. First week of the school was mostly for learning theoretical knowledge/rules and regulations and instructors’ personal experiences about being a truck driver in a classroom. I really enjoyed the classroom part with Ben and Russ. Ben is a very experienced truck driver and he knows how to keep you motivated and interested in the class. He is a fun teacher in the classroom/ almost like a comedian lol. Russ is very detail oriented and a nice teacher in the classroom as well. Second and third week is mostly about spending time in the trucks and practicing the parking skills in the yard. In the yard my favorite instructors were Felicia, Kim and Will. They have been super sweet and supportive. They know how to encourage you and not let you feel down when you feel lost. If you don't have much experience with a big vehicle before, it's very normal that maybe on the first day you will not be able to drive the truck straight back and it's not concerning at all. Keep practicing and listen to the instructors’ suggestion, most likely you will feel comfortable in the yard at the beginning of the third week even if you feel you are a slow learner for this subject/practice. There are enough trucks to practice in the yard and instructors create a useful schedule so you will have enough time in the truck to practice. This school is very well organized and well managed and they are doing their best for you to get your CDL as soon as possible. Rabia and Stacie are very down to earth, supportive people in the office. Can and Ufuk is always there for you as managers when you need something. Instructors are really trying their best for you to learn when they see your effort and will to learn. I was able to pass my CDL exam the next day I completed the school. Based upon my personal experience, I would totally recommend this school for you guys. Good luck with your journey to get your CDL. Best regards-Yilmaz

Yilmaz Kilci

I went to so many schools and I couldn’t pass my exam. They told me I will never get the CDL, then I met these guys, and I got my CDL today. They helped me with the all process

Yasin Yilmaz

Very nice very good I am from Corum I feel like I am in my hometown very friendly owners and employees. Especially Can Harmanşah is real star. Good teachers good parking lot thanks for everything.

Tahir Bugra Yildirim

I got my cdl from them. Reasonable price. They have so many trucks and instructors

Huseyin Tezcan

Everything went at a high level, but very quickly! The owners of the school are caring, and the teachers are professional and very responsible! Separately, I want to thank teacher Felicia, who is truly from God!!! Good luck to everyone!!!

Igor Lomakin

Thank you all. It was great experience with all the instructors. Three weeks and I got my cdl, I would recommend indian community wanting to get their CDL, this is the school.

Nayan Gohel

Amazing staff. Helpful instructors. I got my cdl in 3 weeks. Best price in Ohio . Definetly recommend

Fahrettin Dadak

Great people to work with. Reasonable price. Great teachers will teach you everything you need and more. Professional staff!


Everything was great. İnstractors were awesome. Resly good price. Only in 3 weeks I got my cdl

Mehmet Ozer

Thank you to all team Truck Trailer PRO CDL SCHOOL. A lot of time to study maneuvers and training skills on the road.

Shkrab Serg

Best school you can have. They have weekend and weekday classes available. Really great stuff! You can get driving hours unlimited. You will get bored from driving. I’m sure you cannot find better school in all United States! I definitely recommend this school to everyone. Thank you guys so much! Oh, they also have housing available for the people coming from out of state. Get your permit, and they will help you with their best for the rest of it.

Taspulat Nufarov

It was great experience. Thank you guys!

Bertin Sedi

The most beautiful, cheapest, highest quality, fastest school you can find. You should definitely come. If you come from another state, they also have places to stay. All the facilities are great and they give you the opportunity to drive as many trucks as you want. I definitely recommend it.

Cemal Buyukgokmen

everything is good Everything is professional, I definitely recommend it

Fatih Beydagli

Extremely satisfied. The Instractors make sure you operate on the roads as a safe driver and teach all details what you need to know. Can and his team are very friendly.I recommend to anyone eho Is interested to be a truck driver. I passed my written and driving exam at my first attempt. Thank you for everything again!

Kaan Berberoglu

I came here 4 weeks ago to enroll, and today I got my Cdl.. they have the best instructors. I came and practice more way than supposed to. Highly recommended. They help with everything. Cdl permit, finding a job. Their price is the cheapest in the area . We were 8 students in my class. All of us passed.

Mehmet Atar

Good school i pass. Jann is very good. Zor maktab asfuslanmisizlar

Momin Abbosov

Hi guys. This is my honest review. I attended TRUCK TRAILER PRO CDL SCHOOL for a month to learn how to drive a Truck and get my CDL. I gained a lot of Truck driving experience in one month at this school. I am delighted with this school. For this, a big thanks to my instructor Felicia for teaching me how to drive the Truck. In this regard, I highly recommend this TRUCK TRAILER PRO CDL SCHOOL to everyone. The Best School in the United States of America only "TRUCK TRAILER PRO CDL SCHOOL". 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Subkhonali Bozorboev

I would like to thank Can Harmansah and his team for their interest and motivation. I graduated from the school I went to 1 month ago with question marks in my mind, today as a truck driver and they also helped me find a job. I researched many schools and I came across comments about how little training they had in all of them within 1 week. I learned all the parks with the trailer and this was very important for me because I had no knowledge about this business. Even if you are in another state, this school is definitely worth attending.

Mehmet Giray Okenli

I passed the cdl exam today. It took me only 3 weeks to complete my program. I had alot of driving time which helped me on the exam alot. These guys are awesome. Definetly i suggest this school for people who want their cdl without any problem

Tansel Yavuz

It is a school with excellent people who embrace everyone and offer them the opportunity to change their lives. My brother, my friends and I applied for a green card and we want to study at this school. ✌️ Many greetings to brother Sevil and brother Can. May you always have success ❤️

Cenk Birge

Professional teachers, lots of practical training on trucks, convenient training schedule, reasonable prices and polite staff. In a word, an excellent, accredited school for beginning truck drivers. I recommend to all!!!

Duman Yakub

TRUCKTRAILERPRO is Best CDL school in Ohio, I got a lot of experience during training time,the school has best instructors who are Felicia and Dave,and the director Ufuk and Can, thank you very much all of you.👍🤗 …

Cengiz Dogan

Last week I passed cdl class A pre trip and road test. It wonderful experience for me that Trucktrailerpro school gave us one month awesome training, that is Instructor Felicia Pener, Instructor Can and Brain did a great job for us. With friendly environment and good stuff everything was excellent for preparing Cdl class A in Dayton, Ohio.

Salim Adam Lee

Great school to attend. Classes aren’t large so you are able to get individual attention from instructors. The instructors Felicia and Dave are knowledgeable and very helpful. Owners will help you if you have any concerns.

Katie Reinhard

Great school ! Only in 4 weeks I got my CDL .No waiting time .. we had a lot of time to practice. Trucks and trailers were in really good condition. You should definitely get your Cdl from them. So far everyone in my class passed %100

Aqeel Alrumaih

Was really great place to get a CDL license with my twin brother. No other place in OHIO can you go on, and just 4 weeks later walk out 100% guaranteed CDL license. I went in feeling nervous if I can get a CDL, but the people and the atmosphere there was easy going, relaxed, friendly and family orientated. Everyone there felt like family and not outsiders. The class felt informative and easy for me as someone who speaks English. Those who have hard time with English also can get help from instructor. The yard time was pleasant as well since you get tons of hours driving and learning your maneuvering. The school trucks are perfect size to learn and get CDL with. I remember getting coffee which was offered for free each break. The office/hallways have great looking tiles on the floor, makes you feel at home. Overall I pat myself in the back knowing this is the best school in Ohio if you want to get your CDL. The prices was also reasonable.


I'm not there, but I think there's so much more to what I've seen and heard. I wish my brothers success and happiness. I pray to God that I can meet you there one day.

Erhan Ozdemiroglu

I had a great experience at TTP CDL School in Dayton Ohio. I would like to thank Can Harmansah, Ufuk, Bahtiyar, and Meric...❤️You guys are awesome and also I would like to thank Felecia and Dave who are professional instructors and they gave us huge tips about driving a truck which is remarkable. I highly recommend everyone to obtain a cdl license in this school.

Yamaner Oktay

Great school, best pricing in Ohio and i pass my CDL exam on first time. Thank you so much for everything Can! I even have a job lined up because of them. Will always recommend this school to anyone who wants to pass.

Can Kaya

I highly recomend this cdl course.The instructors were knowledgeable and professional, and the course was well-organized. The equipment and facilities were top-notch, making for a great learning experience. I would give this course 5 stars.I recommend this course to everyone. The place where you can get the fastest and highest quality education


This school is great on all levels. The classroom experience was good. I absolutely loved every instructor on the yard. They are patient and great at what they do. Trust me you will pass on the first time if you put the focus and work in. I started off nervous by the end of my training I was confident in my abilities. 10/10 would recommend

Tulin Akan

Best store in the dayton area for flatbed and stepdeck equipment. Also, the employee Forkan was very helpful, he is the most polite store employee I have ever seen. Thank you so much guyss.

Car Visiters

Great school! Taught me everything I needed to know to pass my CDL exam and get my license. Will recommend to others. Wonderful staff.

Rustam Eminov

Hello everyone. I completed my CDL class A training and graduated from this school. This is the best school in Dayton I passed my test in first attempt. The training and the trainer is so good they teach you so much that you will never fail. Thank you everyone at school to help me get my CDL. High high recommended

Rahul Malhotra

highly recommend the CDL course. The instructors were knowledgeable and professional, and the course was well-organized. The equipment and facilities were top-notch, making for a great learning experience. I would give this course 5 stars.

Taha Kemal

The very professional school, pro instructors with all materials in industrial. Guys you’re the best and you are only one I can recommend whoever needs to step up in trucks driving not only in great Ohio state but the USA 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 . Keep it up👌 …

Bertin Martin Bayisenge

After hours of research online and numerous phone calls, I came across Truck Trailer Pro. I gave them a call and from the very first conversation I was confident that this was the school for me. After speaking to Can, the office manager, I went through with the process to be enrolled into the four week course. They ensured me that with their help, I would have my CDL in no time. The instructors Felicia and Dave were very thorough when teaching. You could tell that they love what they do and really care about the students. Aside from the staff being very welcoming and kind, the other students were as well. I can honestly say that I have made some lifelong friends. The facility is very well maintained and always kept clean. There are enough trucks to ensure every student gets MORE than enough practice and field time. I can happily say that with the help of the staff, I completed the course and obtained my CDL. If I could give this school more than 5 stars I would.

Sadat Shalash

One of the best school I ever been there, so friendly any question any help always there. I started there last month, it just took me 4 weeks to finish. All my classmates passed the exam at the first time. Felicia , Dave, and John were very helpful instructors. Comparing to other schools in the area they have the best price also. I highly recommend truck trailer pro CDL school . They also help me with their accommodation. I stayed at their housing only for $30 per day. At the end of my program they found me a really good job in few days. Now, I am on the road making that money ! Thank you all trucktrailerpro CDL school Family …

Fahim Esar
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