Before CDL School

Before CDL School: Check our CDL Permit License Page to see Beneficial Information about CDL Permit -> CDL PERMIT LICENSE (CPL)

Basic Requirements

  • Minimum age of 18.
  • Possession of a valid USA driver’s license (from any state).
  • Possession of a Social Security Card (we do not need it from the OHIO residents – only out of state students).
  • Presentation of a valid CDL Permit, if applicable (if you do not have it, you will have to take it in OHIO before you are going to drive one of our vehicles).
  • Be able to pass the Drug Test.
  • Be able to get the DOT Physical done.
  • Make sure you will be okay with the financial requirements.

Mastering the 7 Keys to Thrive in Truck Driving School

Embarking on your journey to become a professional truck driver is a significant decision, and now it’s time to take the crucial next step—your truck driving training. Here are essential insights to ensure your triumph at truck driving school, setting the stage for a successful career in the transportation industry.

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Before Your CDL Training Commences:

Eliminate Potential Roadblocks: Secure your success by addressing possible hurdles before starting your CDL training program. Prioritize getting your D.O.T. medical exam to avoid last-minute disqualifications. Don’t risk wasting time and money—ensure you’re medically qualified to embark on this rewarding career.

Understand Program Supplies: Get acquainted with the supplies provided by your CDL school and those you need to bring. For example, depending on the weather make sure you will have the clothes you need. This proactive approach sets the foundation for a smooth start to your training.

1. Be Honest:

Dishonesty has no place in your application. Transparency is key—avoid hiding DUIs, manipulating work history, concealing medical issues, or past criminal charges.

The repercussions of dishonesty could jeopardize your chance at a successful truck driving career.

2. Adopt the Right Attitude:

Approach your truck driving school journey with the mindset of a professional truck driver. Despite any negative information, focus on the responsibility that comes with the job. Self-doubt and negativity are counterproductive—keep your eyes on the prize and strive for success.

3. Study + Practice:

Maximize your spare time by diligently studying and practicing what you learn daily. Immerse yourself in the training sessions, seek clarification when needed, and remember that asking questions is a sign of commitment to your learning journey.

Driving Practice Tips: Utilize your time behind the wheel effectively. Seek advice from your driver trainer when facing challenges with maneuvers. Practice, persistence, and a positive mindset are keys to mastering the skills required for your CDL driving test.

4. Hang Out with the Right People:

Choose your fellow trainees wisely. Seek out individuals with positive attitudes, aligned goals, and a dedication to the training program. Consider finding a study partner to enhance your learning experience and quiz each other on course material.

Avoid Negative Influences: Steer clear of disruptive behaviors like late-night activities that may hinder your focus during early morning classes. Remember, you’re here for a purpose—to build a professional truck driving career.

5. Stick with the Program:

Prepare for challenging moments in your training journey. Stay calm, well-rested, and ready to absorb a wealth of information in a short period. Persistence is key—remain focused, work hard, and keep going even when faced with difficulties.

6. Be Cooperative:

Cooperate with your instructor by displaying courtesy and a positive attitude. Your instructor’s primary role is to guide you toward obtaining your CDL, so fostering a cooperative relationship will likely enhance your learning experience.

The Condensed Version:

Success at truck driving school hinges on a few critical elements. Uphold honesty, prepare in advance, maintain a positive attitude, accept the challenges, and remember the goal—to launch a successful and professional truck driving career. By adhering to these principles, you pave the way for a thriving future in the transportation industry.

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