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Student Sponsorships: Empower aspiring commercial drivers and build a skilled workforce through our “Sponsorship Program for Our Students.” This initiative is designed to create opportunities for individuals with the ambition to obtain their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL Class A) but face financial barriers. Trucking companies are invited to become sponsors, supporting students in attending TruckTrailerPro CDL School and, in turn, securing dedicated, well-trained drivers for their operations.

Key Features:

  1. Access to Education: The program provides a pathway for motivated individuals who lack the financial means to enroll in TruckTrailerPro CDL School. Sponsoring companies play a vital role in granting access to quality education, ensuring that potential drivers receive comprehensive training and obtain their CDL Class A licenses.
  2. Customizable Sponsorship Contracts: Trucking companies have the flexibility to design sponsorship contracts that align with their specific needs. These contracts may include terms related to the duration of employment with the sponsoring company, tuition repayment structures, and other mutually agreed-upon conditions.
  3. Pre-screened and Committed Candidates: Sponsors benefit from a pool of pre-screened candidates committed to building a career in the trucking industry. The program ensures that sponsored individuals are dedicated, motivated, and ready to contribute to the success of the sponsoring company.
  4. Workforce Development: By participating in the Sponsorship Program, companies actively contribute to the development of a skilled and qualified workforce. This not only addresses the shortage of trained drivers in the industry but also fosters a sense of loyalty and gratitude among sponsored individuals toward their sponsoring companies.
  5. Long-Term Recruitment Strategy: Sponsoring students through their education creates a long-term recruitment strategy for trucking companies. It establishes a pipeline of well-trained drivers who are familiar with the company’s values, operations, and expectations, fostering a smoother integration into the workforce.
  6. Community Engagement: Sponsoring companies gain visibility as community supporters, actively participating in the educational and professional development of aspiring commercial drivers. This engagement enhances the company’s reputation, both within the industry and the local community.
  7. Mentorship Opportunities: The program facilitates mentorship opportunities, allowing sponsoring companies to actively engage with sponsored individuals during their training and beyond. This mentorship not only contributes to the success of the students but also helps build a positive and supportive company culture.

Join us in making a meaningful impact on the lives of aspiring commercial drivers.

Become a sponsor and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the trucking industry while securing dedicated and well-trained professionals for your company.

Together, let’s drive success and build a stronger, more inclusive trucking community.

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Driver Recruitment TruckTrailerPro CDL School welcomes reliable, safety-focused employers to hire our graduates.

We have a pool of recent graduates as well as an alumni network comprising over 700 experienced drivers. Become a preferred partner today and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Advertise on our campus.
  • Employ military veterans from our Troops into Transportation program.
  • Keep your fleet moving forward with the next generation of safe and skilled drivers.

Promote your brand on our campus and website!

Hire experienced military veterans through our Troops into Transportation program Sustain the progress of your fleet with a new generation of safe and proficient drivers.

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Companies that want to sponsor students can contact us using the form below.

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